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OnSet FX Services

We offer a wide variety of services

OnSet FX prides itself on employing the finest artist as well as keeping up with the latest techniques in the industry.  We continue to raise the bar, both technically and artistically, and the future will see some truly mind blowing designs.


Our competitive pricing and ability to meet demanding deadlines helps us offer the best quality available. At OnSet FX, we love what we do and simply believe that experience and extraordinary creative vision is what's really needed to complement your film or project.  With a growing crew of talented artists we offer all the elements you're looking for.

Life Casting Services



Sculpting Services



Molding & Casting services
Oven Baking Services



Vacuum Forming Services



Hair Punching & Lacing 



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CRF banner 2017.jpg
Cupids Curse Poster
Cupids Curse banner
Cupid's Curse flyer
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Battle Field Apocalypse banner
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Graphic Services

Banners, Flyers and Websites

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