Hollywood is finally here! For the first time in history, OnSet FX is New Mexico’s Premier Creature Shop & FX Studio.   We are a full service Make-Up EFX studio; that designs and manufactures special make-up effects for film and television, including Creature Suits, Life Casting, Old Age, Zombies, Gore, severed Heads, Limbs, Realistic Articulated Dummies, Wigs, Hair, Beards, Tattoo Transfers, Wound Transfers, Prosthetics, Eyes, teeth, “Reel” Breakaway Glasses, Bottles. and more. 


OnSet FX has its new 5000 sq ft Creature Shop & Special FX Studio centrally located in Albuquerque just off I-40 by Old Town. 

Makeup by Cinematic EFX Artist Daniel "DC" Casillas